Author: : smartvillage
Published: 7. June 2018

Smart Café

Smart Café

In the heart of smartvillage

In our smart café, all of our resi­dents are wel­co­me. It is the base camp for your work­shops, cowor­king ses­si­ons or office breaks – no mat­ter why you spend time in smart­vil­la­ge. In the smart café and the accom­pany­ing time­out gar­den you will meet inte­res­ting peop­le with whom you can enjoy a deli­cious cof­fee in a cosy atmo­s­phe­re. Or you might as well come tog­e­ther in the evening for a BBQ, zip­ping on a beer … let­ting the day fade away. And on top of that, our swings will bring new ener­gy to your pro­jec­ts.

You can book the smart Café for your event!

From Mon­day to Fri­day star­ting at 6.30pm or all­day on wee­kends you can trans­form the café and gar­den into your event play­ground.

Size: 150 m² (with gar­den 500 m²)

Pri­ces: Exclu­si­ve usa­ge:  279€ / Non-exclu­si­ve usa­ge: 179€ per hour

Equipment: (much more upon request)

(book wha­te­ver you like — depen­ding on your desi­res)

Possible Setup:

Ent­i­re­ly up to you!

Up to 199 guests (café + gar­den)