A playground for you and your colleagues

When we set out in our quest five years ago we did not yet know what cowor­king real­ly meant. We only had a faint visi­on of how work could be impro­ved. But we knew we had to put our visi­on into prac­tice. The result was our first and very own cowor­king space built up from scratch by just a vague idea and our deter­mi­na­ti­on. We can proud­ly say that every hour and every Euro we invested was in the end rewar­ded. We were able to wit­ness co-workers grow above and bey­ond when given the chan­ce, in an envi­ron­ment that feels right and healt­hy.

We didn’t come to play! Or did we?

We love see­ing new ways of thin­king flou­rish and don’t dread chan­ge but embrace it. We admit some­ti­mes losing our­sel­ves in a sea of ide­as as this is our natu­re: to achie­ve by doing and lear­ning. When some­thing doesn’t work like inten­ded we adapt and chan­ge it. We stron­gly belie­ve that every pro­blem has a fit­ting solu­ti­on. The smart­vil­la­ge as you know it now is the result of years of tri­al and error using all the know­ledge we have gathe­red so far. We con­cep­tua­li­sed, play­ed and plan­ned meti­cu­lous­ly while having the time of our lives doing so.

Welcome to your playful business home!

We are con­vin­ced that a work­shop space or office is sim­ply not enough. You need a sanc­tum for deep and mea­ning­ful thought. An insti­tu­ti­on for cra­zy and con­tro­ver­si­al ide­as. Bar­racks to find com­ra­des-in-arms wil­ling to fight as a team. A lab for field tes­ting. And a play­ground to final­ly let one’s chil­dish emo­ti­ons take over. Per­fec­tio­n­ists and chao­tics, ear­ly birds and sluga­beds, the sty­lish and the sharp. Wel­co­me to your second home, wel­co­me to smart­vil­la­ge!

When will we see each other?