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Workshops, coworking and office spaces in Munich

For­get the end­less rows of gene­ric office fur­ni­tu­re and pain­ful­ly stiff necks from gazing hours upon hours at a fixed point. We defi­ne work dif­fer­ent­ly. As experts on New Work we know how you can achie­ve cut­ting edge solu­ti­ons and gene­ra­te an over­all bet­ter out­co­me.

If you are held down by pro­ces­ses made habit or sim­ply lead to bott­len­ecks by bureau­cra­tic methods of ope­ra­ting, we lay the foun­da­ti­on of a new per­spec­tive, a chan­ge of sce­ne. We give you crea­ti­ve thin­king, agi­le ways of working and the necessa­ry free­dom to natu­ral­ly unfold your true poten­ti­al.

That’s us.
For you!


We tend to dis­miss any attempts of assi­gning rolls like guest and host. You are resi­dents, always wel­co­me, and one we always reach our hel­ping hand out to.


The­re is no need to pre­tend. Make yours­elf at home and enjoy being your rela­xed, holi­day self in a working envi­ron­ment.


A Net­work is for most just a con­cept, hard to grasp the true extent of its mea­ning. But it is some­thing we live and love, che­rish and tend. It’s the rea­son why smart­vil­la­ge radia­tes life.


Our workspaces don’t limit you. They are desi­gned to pro­vi­de enough room for crea­ti­vi­ty, new thoughts and play­ful but pro­duc­tive ways of working.


Move tables, crea­te ways of sea­ting ide­al for your cur­rent objec­tive and let your crea­ti­ve side take over.

Our spaces.
Your possibilities!

Our roommates

We are the second home for cor­po­ra­tes, com­pa­nies and start­ups. Have a look at the busi­nes­ses that alre­ady belong to our room­ma­tes and have expe­ri­en­ced how New Work and a chan­ge of sce­ne can lead to suc­cess­ful pro­jects.

Our partners and outfitters

Our expert part­ners from the world of work spaces sha­re our phi­lo­so­phy and sup­port us ful­ly in our quest, imple­men­ting New Work in work envi­ron­ments new and old. Would you like to work with us on a mutu­al level? We would be delight­ed to hear from you!

You can’t describe it. You have to experience it

So, what are you wai­ting for? Arran­ge a mee­ting or just come in whene­ver you feel like it. You are wel­co­me any­ti­me! We invi­te you to have cof­fee with us and cook up a plan to make your work­shop a hero event.

When will we see each other?

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